MWA 2018 presented

Mülheim Water Award 2018 was presented

For the sixth time Mülheim Water Award, endowed with a prize money of 10.000,- EUR, was granted on the 12th September 2018.

Mr. Ulrich Scholten, Lord Mayor of Mülheim, acted as patron and led through the ceremony during 3. Mülheimer Wasseranalytisches Seminar (MWAS 2018) in Mülheim an der Ruhr.

This time the international jury decided in favour of two projects.

Each project received prize money of 5.000,- €.

Mülheim Water Award 2018

The first winning project titled

Development of a fast and robust method
for the analysis of microplastic in water

was carried out by Dr. Ulrike Braun and Dr. Erik Dümichen from „Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM)“ in Berlin and their project team.
The analysis of microplastics is a current topic. So far, methods have been used that are extremely time consuming and do not provide quantitative information on the content of various polymers in environmental samples. A complementary method has been developed that allows both secure identification and quantification. The human effort and the required measuring time per sample are low.

The second winning project, submitted by Dr. Iacopo Borsi, TEASISTEMI, Pisa-Italy, is entitled

FREEWAT – Free and open source software tool
for water management

In this project a freeware program was developed to optimize numeric simulation of water quality and water quantity based on hydrological and hydrogeological data. It helps authorities, planners and consultants to cope with challenges within the field of water resource management, using an innovative and open-source based solution.

Congratulations to the winners!