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The application and selection procedure for the Mülheim Water Award

What you are encouraged to apply with?

Allowed are projects that deal with strategic or operational questions in the area of drinking water supply or projects from all areas of application in water analysis. Also allowed are projects that deal with wastewater but are related to drinking water supply and demonstrably have a positive impact on it.

How is the application procedure structured?

The application process is structured into two steps

  • Pre-qualification phase and
  • Nomination phase

The following criteria are the basis for the project evaluation:

  • Level of innovation
  • Transferability and reliability
  • Quality
  • Use and protection of resources
  • Economic Efficiency
Application procedure for MWA 2018

The application for the first phase of the Mülheim Water Award only takes place online by using the application form. You can find it under ‘Apply now’ from 1. December 2017.

All other kinds of applications will be rejected.

Applicants that reach the second phase will be informed by the coordination office of the Mülheim Water Award and will be asked to submit further documents.

Applications for the Mülheim Water Award 2018 can no longer be submitted.

The prequalification phase ended on 28th February 2018.