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Pre Qualification

Mülheim Water Award 2018
- Application for Pre-qualification -

Period of application: 01. December 2017 – 28. February 2018, 12.00 Uhr MEZ

1. General information about the applicant / leading applicant
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2. Information about Application/Project
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Short project description (abstract)

Please enter a short description of the project you are going to apply with. The topic of the award is "Innovations for water systems and water analysis for sustainable water management and safe and secure drinking water supply".

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Please make a statement about why your project should be awarded with the Mülheim Water Award, based on the five evaluation criteria. You have a maximum of 500 characters for each criteria. You don't have to make a statement but missing statements can lead to a lower rating of your project.

Innovation level

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Transferability and reliability

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Use and protection of resources

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Economic efficiency

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3. Submit the application documents
Declaration of consent and approval